Composer / Arranger

Composer / Arranger

Kreypt Music

« Kreypt Music »

« The music of your words”

“Napoleon Esprit imperial”

Cartoon « Le Corbeau et le Renard »

French TV Program - Composer

Derviche mon amour

Dance show - Composer

« Le Noël Magique »

Young Audience Show with Santa Claus, Composer of new songs, and Arranger of Standards

"Merry Christmas" (sung by D. Beretta)

"Emmène-moi" (sung by E. Chandelier)

« Le dernier jour »

Opera based upon the Victor Hugo’s book (sung by Christophe Borie)

French Serial « Le Bruno Vaigasse Show », French TV


« Les plus belles étrangères de Paris », Universal


(sung by F. Ballarin)

Traditional Jewish Music



Yesh No

« Sette Voce »

Arrangements for « A Capella » Group

The mummy