Into the woods

Comédie musicale de S. Sondheim, en tournée dans les opéras de France, Production La Clef des chants

« Star Wars »

Conductor, Official concert for the Episode III Release

Star Wars 1
Star Wars 2
Star Wars 3
Star Wars 4
Star Wars 5
Star Wars 6
Star Wars 7
Star Wars 8

« Broadway Lights »

Choir master for the concert conducted by David Charles Abell with Liz Callaway, at the “Théâtre du Châtelet”

Belle of New York

There's no business like show-business

“French operas”, concerts in Brasil

Conductor, Orchestra of São Paulo

Bresil 1
Bresil 2
Bresil 3
Bresil 4
Bresil 5
Bresil 6
Bresil 7
Bresil 8
Bresil 9

“Les 50 ans du DEJJ”

Conductor for a national event

« Festival Jules Verne »

Conductor with musicians of the Radio-France orchestra

King Kong 2005, World Premiere, James Newton Howard

Le Tour du Monde en 80 jours, Victor Young

Jules Verne 1
Jules Verne 2
Jules Verne 3
Jules Verne 4
Jules Verne 5
Jules Verne 6
Jules Verne 7

« Sette Voce »

Vocal Group « a capella”, conductor and vocal arrangements


« Mozart in Prague »

Conductor, playing Mozart